SPOTLIGHT: Concrete Common Walls

February 28, 2019 by Oceola Landing0
One of the stand-out features that sets Oceola Landing apart from the competition!

SPOTLIGHT: Concrete Common Walls

When purchasing a new home, you want a quality foundation that is built to last. Poured concrete walls have long been favoured by builders and owners as a durable option in architectural design, offering powerful advantages to homeowners:

Noise Control

Each Concrete Common Wall at Oceola Landing has been framed, insulated and dry-walled adding even more safety and sound protection. These walls are practically soundproof, which is great for entertaining or for trying to minimize noise from outside.

Fire Resistance

While concrete has the highest fire rating of all construction materials, poured concrete is the safest. Rarely would builders add this kind of security between townhomes.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a material that is more durable than poured concrete. The Kofoed Group has constructed each home at Oceola Landing with six inches of solid concrete rebar throughout. These structures have superior durability, compressive and flexural strength and excellent thermal mass.

Energy Efficiency

Ideal for homeowners who value an eco-friendly home and want to
to lower their energy usage. The insulation from concrete’s mass slows down the passage of heat and cold air from moving through the wall.


Poured concrete walls are virtually maintenance-free and resistant to elemental damage, fire, pests and rot, that damage homes.

For Your Peace Of Mind

The uncommon concrete walls is what gives Oceola Landing townhomes their advantage! Enjoy the peacefulness of your home and still celebrate with family on game day!




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